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Sales Success and Failure: "Have To" Versus "Want To"

There are two directions to take in this conversation relative to sales success.  

1.  Your sales success - do you "want to" or do you "have to" be successful in selling

Your answer is critical and not one you should arrive at quickly just because you think you know the right answer.  The answer lies in not what you say, but rather in what you do.

  • Are you committed?  You do everything possible to succeed.
  • Are you focused?  You consistently achieve your activity goals.
  • Are you goal driven?  You have personal obligations and big hairy audacious goals that cannot be met unless you succeed in selling.
  • Are you passionate?  You are criticized for being "too over the top."

2)  Your prospects.  When you meet with them to discuss their problems, do you get them to decide if their problems are "want to" or "have to" fix problems?

  • Do they have urgency?
  • Are their desired outcomes non-negotiable?
  • Do they immediately make a decision?
  • Do they find the money?
  • Do they immediately get information to you that you need?
  • Do they hound you about the next step?
  • Do they make a decision when you present the right solution?

I've learned the following questions from Dave Kurlan that will help you close more business and achieve higher levels of sales success:

1.  Do you believe that I understand your problems?

2.  Do you believe that, based on what we've discussed, I can help?

3.  Do you want my help?

These three questions will separate the "want to's"  from the "have to's".

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