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Jim Nantz - Successful Sales Guy

No, Jim Nantz is not a successful sales guy in the traditional sense. But he is arguably the best sports announcer in the business today.  He is the announcer for the Masters, The Final Four, Superbowl and is part of the #1 team for the CBS NFL broadcast.  But, if you think about it, he is also a sales person.  In his delivery of the broadcast, he attempts to sell the listener on listening to him and his broadcast rather than tuning into someone else.  Not a direct sale, but a sale just the same.

My post today isn't about Jim and selling, it is about how Jim became the best and stays the best.  There are three major contributing factors that are worthy of this discussion.

  1. Setting goals.  Jim decided early on in life - high school and then college- that he wanted to be a sports broadcaster.  But not a sports broadcaster just anywhere for just anyone.  He decided early on that he would be a broadcaster for CBS.  And that he has been for his entire career.
  2. Passion and commitment.  Jim Nantz announced the entire 1997 Masters tournament from Butler Cabin as he was too sick with laryngitis to get out.  However, he never missed a beat.  And the listening audience never knew.
  3. Preparation.  It is said by his peers that no one prepares harder at his trade.  He spends hours researching every available piece of data about the players and teams he is about to announce.

Now for YOU, the successful sales professional:

  1. Your goals - Do you have the singlemindeness of specific goals that keep you focused and on track?
  2. Your passion and commitment - Do you love what you do and the reasons you do what you do?  Day in and day out, do you do everything possible to win and be the best?  At the end of the year, can you look at ALL of your results and say that "this represents my highest and best"?
  3. Preparation - How well do you prepare?  Especially for client facing opportunities?  And not just preparing to handle the "technical" or product part of the sales call, but your preparation for the art and science of selling?  Do you take the time to role-play and anticipate a prospect's / client's responses and questions?

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