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4 Killer Sales Management Questions

I just returned from a conference that I attend annually.  The conference is sponsored by Objective Management Group, a company that produces the #1 Sales Assessment tool IN THE WORLD.  I am proud to say that, as part of our overall approach to providing critical sales and sales management solutions, we have represented this resource for 18 of the 20 years that we have been in business.

During each of these annual conferences, Dave Kurlan, the subject matter expert and genius behind OMG, provides great insights on how to more effectively find, contact and assist business owners in finding out why their companies get the results that they get.  This past weekend, he introduced the latest version of the Impact Analysis, a very detailed document that clearly identifies the problems and challenges of sales growth for a company. He specifically built this solution-based product to answer the following 4 critical questions for a business owner:

        1.      Can we be more effective?
        2.      How much more effective can we be?
        3.      What will it take to accomplish that?
        4.      How long will it take to accomplish that?

I believe that these 4 questions are questions that every senior sales executive ought to be asking their sales manager, and every sales manager ought to be asking their sales team, both as a collective group and as individuals.

These 4 questions are a quick way to gather essential information from your sales team. What happens next will depend on their answers.  The following responses are ones you can count on receiving:

  1. Yes
  2. I'm not sure
  3. We would have to...
  4. I'm not sure... 6 months, maybe a year...

What factor is the most critical for improving effectiveness? Answer: Strategically planned ACTION. Helping your sales organization identify necessary actions at every level is critical to reaching goals and achieving sales growth. So, the KEY question out of the 4 "killer" questions becomes #3 - "What will it take to accomplish that?" 

Here are some additional resources and a call-to-action to help you convert effort of coaching into sales action and results:

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