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"Ruff" Realities About Recruiting
12pm to 1pm ET on Thurs., July 27, 2017


"Ruff" Realities About Recruiting
How to Find, Interview & Hire Great Sales Candidates 

The hiring and recuiting world is complicated and ever-changing. New applicants flood resume sites daily and, because of that, it makes it that much more difficult to find and hire great sales candidates. So, how do you sort through the "dogs"? What process do you have in place to ensure that the individual you hire has been properly vetted?   

Hire Better Salespeople (HBSP) will show you how to identify and hire salespeople with the vital selling attributes of will, sales competencies and personal DNA that must be present for success in your organization. Register for our free webinar to learn how to Hire Better Salespeople with our proven process for searching, assessing by utilizing OMG’s Sales Assessment, interviewing, hiring and onboarding new hires. This program has HBSP leading the pack in talent acquisition. We ensure that the people walking in your door not only can sell but will sell. Alex Cole, Director of Hire Better Salespeople, will show you how to identify your company’s next “top dog”.

All attendees will receive the following tools that can be utilized immediately:

  • A free screen assessment to utilize with a candidate for hiring purposes
  • A copy of the recorded webinar to share with your HR group and other leadership


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