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Answering Multiple Choice Questions and Sales Success

As you think about your sales people and their performance - sales results - I am sure that there are times when the 'sure thing' doesn't close or the decision date passes by or the date to make a decision turns into another 'think it over'.

Why does this happen?

Is it because:

  • The prospect wasn't qualified
  • The prospect lied about a current relationship
  • The prospect really didn't have a compelling reason to act or change
  • The prospect couldn't, wouldn't make the investment
  • The prospect was a prospect but not a decision maker
Or, was it because:
  • The sales person didn't qualify the prospect
  • The sales person didn't deal withe incumbent
  • The sales person didn't create or uncover a compelling reason to act
  • The sales person didn't uncover the capacity to invest
  • The sales person didn't get clarity about the prospects decision making 
Or, was it because:
  • The sales person did everything right BUT,
  • When the sales person did ask for a decision AND didn't get it, they stopped asking
I was taking a tennis lesson for mixed doubles on Sunday with Eric at 5 Seasons and he was talking about not taking a shot because of being afraid of missing the shot.  He said taking shots in tennis is like multiple choice test.  He said that he could not remember ever failing a test because he failed to answer a multiple choice question.  Even if he didn't know the answer, not answering was a sure way to miss THAT question.
Wow, what a powerful statement, story, analogy.  NOT asking for the business is a sure way to NOT get the business.  
Coach your people that closing a sale is like taking a multiple choice test.  Leaving one question blank just because you don't know the answer gives you a 100% chance of not getting a 100 on the test.  Answering the question with any answer improves your odds by at least 50%.
Asking for the business, asking for a decision a second and third time, increases your opportunity to close the deal.
Go ahead - ask for the business AGAIN - get an answer.  If you don't ask, you won't get it.  What's the worse that can happen - they shoot you? (see video - Joe Got Shot!)

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