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Effective Joint Sales Calls for Sales Success

One of the critical components of sales coaching is the ability of the sales managers and their sales people to run effective joint calls. 

As a president of a company, occasionally I have sales people call on me.  Whenever two people come out on the call, my first thought is:  Which one is the rookie?  My other thoughts are:  Why are two people here?  Why is the manager with the salesperson?  Who is running the sales call?  What are they hoping to accomplish besides trying to find out what I’m trying to accomplish?  Is this a real sales call for the sales person or just practice?

I don’t claim to know if other presidents are thinking these things, but you cannot discount that they might.   Based on that assumption, it is critical that you have a sales call that is well-defined and choreographed so that the prospect is impressed with the meeting and you, as either sales manager or sales person, accomplish what the prospect wants to accomplish; generally speaking, that is to solve a problem.

joint sales calls

How do you do that?  Here are 4 steps to more effective joint calls.

  1.  A Quality Phone Call- Remember, the quality of the phone call will determine the quality of the appointment.  You must follow the 8-step Phone Process to make sure that the joint call is taking place with a qualified prospect versus a practice call.
  2. Conducting a pre-call session is a must.  In pre call sessions,
    • sales people make sure they are prepared to execute the methods taught in our module, Maximizing the Initial Call
    • The sales manager and sales person role-play the appointment
    • Everyone agrees to and identifies who will do what during the sales call
  3. Identify the reason for a joint call - If it is for learning purposes, then the sales manager has a very small part in the call.  If it is for qualifying or closing a large account, then the role of the sales manager can be more prominent.
  4. The 4th step is to make sure you do a post call debrief - This is an opportunity to help sales people recognize opportunities that they missed, questions they could have asked better and commitments they failed to gain.  These insights need to be followed by an agreement as to the observations made, a demonstration by the sale manager of the correct approach or technique, and finally, a role-play of the correct way to handle the sales call.

In addition to these steps, the sales manager has to be prepared to let the sales person fail on the call. Sooner or later, you just have to let them go and learn how not to fail. If you rescue them all the time, then the sales person becomes dependent on the sales manager and never develops the sales skills they need to succeed.  These four steps, tied to discipline one-on-one coaching, will dramatically improve your sales team's ability to eventually conduct extraordinary sales calls on their own.  

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