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8 Steps to Becoming an Extraordinary Sales Closer

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Ok, so where do we begin? Let’s begin with this.

We recorded a video on Laying the Foundations for the 8 Steps to More Effective Closing so that we can close more business more quickly with higher margins. And we talked about the foundation.Today we are going to get into the actual 8 Steps of Becoming an Extraordinary Closer.

I can tell you that the best deals I have ever put together and closed were deals where someone almost literally asked me, “Tony, how much do we write the check for?” There was never a formal presentation. There might have been a bit of pitch or some sort of discussion around our capabilities, but they just closed and never asked for anything formal. Understand, though, that those are the outliers. 

But once you lay the foundation, the other types of sales require these 8 Steps:

1) Be prepared – And I don’t mean just go through the technical aspects of the sale to make sure you have the right coverage, and the right provisions and those sort of things…But I want you to be prepared to be DAZZLING. That’s an entirely different level of preparation.

2) Review - When you are at the meeting, the first thing you do is review. Review everything as to what brought you to this point. In other words, you go back to the as-we-agreed-to letter. Make sure nothing has changed.

3) 3-Page Presentation - This might startle you and knock you off your chair, but your presentation should be a 3-page presentation and that’s only IF you have a cover page. The second page should be a list of the problems or benefits that they want to take care of and the third page is all about the solutions. That’s it! Now you might have a box on the side with all the back-end stuff that you’ll go through, but they don’t get that. All they get are those 3 pages.

4) Ask Where To Start: Then you say to them, “Ok, on that list … on that paper there...” and then you begin. On a sheet of paper, they’ll see a list of problems they said they want to get solved. You ask them where THEY want to start. That’s a HUGE difference because you don’t know. Maybe they might be thinking about item #5 and you want to start at the top. You’ve lost them already.

5) Discuss Your Solution: Go through the solution to that problem.

6) Get a Score: When you’re finished with the solution to the problem, you have to get a score as to where they are. So you ask them, “On a scale from 1 to 10, how do you feel about that solution? If you get a 7 or better, you’re in pretty good shape. Anything less than 7 you’ve got trouble. And when you get less…don’t get a 10, you’ve got to ask the questions, “What did I miss? What questions haven’t you asked me yet that you need the answers to so that you feel comfortable with a 10?”

7) Address all Solutions: Go to the next solution until you are finished with all of them.

8) Find Out What’s Next: When you’re finished, this isn’t a big dramatic part to try and close the business. You can do one of two things. You can simply ask, “What would you like to do now?”

OR... Dave Kurlan, one of my mentors, closes this way. He asks three questions: 1) Do you feel like I understand the problems of your business? 2) Do you feel I can help you with the problems of your business? And 3) Would you like my help? Not terribly complicated. Very effective.

Aside from the foundation and these 8 Steps, probably the single most important key to becoming a more effective closer is to be willing be willing to hear a “no”.

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