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Beliefs and Their Impact on Sales Success

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I had no idea about beliefs and the relationship between my beliefs and how I executed as a sales person until I was introduced to the Objective Management Group Sales Person Evaluation Tool. That was about 21 years ago. Most of what we teach and coach at Anthony Cole Training Group regarding beliefs, selling and sales success is a result of our relationship with the OMG company and the use of their extraordinary evaluation tools.

But, before I go into a discussion about beliefs and sales success, let me take a minute to just focus on beliefs, attitude and behavior.

I’m an educator by degree, preference, nature and nurture. As a result, I’ve spent a lot of my reading and research time over the years learning about why people do what they do. I’ve also come to realize many things about myself and why I do what I do.

  • I believe that we are all created for a great destiny. Our job is to determine what that destiny is and pursuit it with all our heart, body and soul.
  • I believe that we are responsible for our outcomes and, as a result, we shouldn’t make excuses and play the blame game.
  • I believe in the law of cause and effect. There are no accidents. There are unfortunate events, but I assure there is a cause.
  • I don’t believe in luck. That would mean I would have to believe in “unluck”. There are things in my life that could be considered unfortunate, but it has nothing to do with being unlucky.
  • I believe we all share the common gifts trilogy of time, talent and treasures and that we are responsible for leveraging those gifts into something greater than ourselves. I, like many, waste my time, talent and treasures. It pains me to admit, but being honest is something I also believe in doing.
  • I believe in Emerson’s essay on the Law of Compensation. To summarize the entire essay in one phrase – if you want more, give more. Whenever I exercise – spend energy – I feel more energetic.
  • I believe that Jesus is my Lord and Savior and died for my sins. Knowing this, believing in this makes me eternally grateful for my very existence.

I share this brief list (I have many beliefs some of which I probably cannot even express) because I also belief in transparency. I believe that if you really want to relate to a person or audience you must be willing to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. Also, by sharing this list of beliefs, we can transition this discussion from personal beliefs and how they influence how we live our lives to our beliefs about selling and how these beliefs impact our sales success.

Here are some of my beliefs as they relate to selling:

  • If a president of a company is taking time to talk with me, there must be something going on in that person’s business that needs exploring. I don’t know if the issue has anything to do with sales training, sales management develop or hiring better sales people, but that’s not my concern at that moment.
  • I believe people pay for products, solutions and services based on their perceived value of how the purchase will help them solve a problem they have or a problem they perceive in their future.
  • I believe that the price is important, but it is not the determining factor.
  • I believe people pay exactly what they think the solution is worth. My job is to create or help the prospect the see enormous value in what our company will do for them. The perception of enormous value eliminates “buying on price”.
  • I believe I have the right to choose who I do business with. What we do as a company isn’t for everyone. The companies we work with have an appetite for change. They recognize that there is “gold in them thar hills” and that, if they knew how to mine the gold, they’d have it. But they don’t. They value outside expertise and are willing to invest the appropriate time, money and resources for the perceived return.
  • I believe my clients.
  • I believe that prospects have their own agenda and objectives that they want to accomplish. Their agenda rarely lines up with mine and so that is what makes the buying selling scenario so challenging and interesting. My job is to find out what their objectives are and why are they talking to me.
  • I believe you can close a deal on the first call.
  • I believe you can establish a strong relationship on the first call.
  • I believe that you can get someone to tell you what their budget is.
  • I believe you can ask someone how they will fire their current provider.
  • I believe you can tell someone that they don’t have enough money to fix the problem.
  • I believe you can sell something that is higher priced.
  • I believe that if you want more referrals you should give more referrals.
  • I believe that you can earn unlimited amounts of money in selling.
  • I believe that it is okay to want to make a lot of money.
  • I believe that the question “when is enough enough?” is the wrong question.
  • I believe that people buy when they are in severe mental anguish over something and you’ve demonstrate that you can make that go away.
  • I believe that you can demonstrate your expertise by asking great questions and by having great dialog with clients by telling stories about other successes and other situations you’ve handled.
  • I believe that, if you are stuck or in a rut, you have everything you need to change that.
  • I believe that Tony Robbins is right when he says “you can change in an instant”.
  • I believe that companies should build their budgets based on the personal goals and ambitions of the individual sales people instead of handing them out like candy or spreading the budget out like peanut butter.
  • I believe that sales managers are the key to a company’s sales success.
  • I believe that most sales managers are under-trained and, in many cases, unarmed for going into the battle.
  • I believe that maybe this article has gone on too long.
  • But, I also believe that, if you get your beliefs “right”, your behaviors and action will follow.
  • I believe that. if you want to change any outcome in your life, you must first find the root cause and this root cause will be your beliefs about that one thing in your life that you want to change.

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