Find out about the Power of 10%

Looking for Sales Results?

We are always asked about our sales training results and rightly so! We often share BIG results, for example; the bank we helped to triple loan growth in just 2 years.  Other times, we share results that come in smaller increments. Once we team up together, we will work closely with your salespeople to help them become more skilled at asking questions and listening and being more consultative in nature.

Here is an example of a sales training participant's skill development and success:

10% Skill Improvement in just three areas: increased # of initial sales calls (effort), became better at uncovering opportunities (skills) and in fact, generated more opportunities.

Results: $40,000 increase in revenue, a 57% increase

Everyone has the ability to improve by just 10%!  Ask your salespeople, they will agree!

10% diff 2

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