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How to Hire Bankers WhoWill Sell

Does Your Bank Struggle with Hiring People Who WILL Sell?

Competing for business in today's banking world is a new challenge with the growing popularity of drive through lanes and online services. Gone are the days when clients stopped in to make a deposit and walked out with a new CD or loan. Today, your Relationship Managers must leverage every opportunity when a client enters the building. Even more importantly, they must be able to reach out and attract new business.

How to Hire Bankers Who Will Sell teaches you how to find, qualify and hire the best people for these critical selling-oriented positions.

How to Hire Bankers Who Will Sell is based on the Best Practices of our exclusive Sales Managed Environment Certification.

How to Hire Bankers Who Will Sell brings Anthony Cole Training Group's 25 years of experience in hiring and training successful sales teams to you. This eBook will give you the tools to hire those people who will sell for your bank.