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Lenders and Leaders: Increase Your Client or Prospect Engagement & Win More Business

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According to a recent study by BAI, an “engaged” client is 35% more likely to consider their bank for their next product or service than a client who is merely “satisfied.”

What tools do you or your bankers utilize to really engage clients and prospects? What tools do you or your bankers utilize to really engage clients and prospects? Do you have the appropriate insights into specific geographic nuances so that you can really speak a prospect’s love language? Does your bank have certain guidelines that help determine when to pursue a prospect or when to move on?

These insights and rules, when followed, lead to more favorable outcomes… and much less time being wasted chasing prospects who are unlikely to do business with your bank.

In this workshop, lenders and leaders will learn:

  • 3 Questions to determine if a prospect qualifies
  • How to tailor your message to the prospect’s industry and speak their love language
  • Why following a stage-based sales process will help win more business
  • How to create the rules of engagement for your bank’s "closeable opportunity"

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