Free Webinar from ACTG! 

Free Webinar!

Every year companies start out with a revenue target and a growth plan, but inevitably… we hit traffic, speed bumps, and road closures that delay reaching those goals.

As Sales Leaders, if we knew how to anticipate these detours, redirect and take a different path, we would likely end up with a better end result. In this free 1-hour virtual workshop, Mark Trinkle, Chief Growth Officer with Anthony Cole Training Group, will help Presidents, CEOs, and Sales Leaders identify the 4 most common road blocks that delay and detour sales organizations from reaching their goals. If your organization must grow in 2022, don’t miss this event where Mark will help sales leaders address these four common growth problems:

  • Not having the right people in the right seat in the organization
  • Hiring salespeople without a predictive assessment
  • Weak sales management framework and skill development
  • Sales leaders and salespeople make and accept excuses for lack of performance