Improve Your Success Hiring Sales People

The sales candidate assessments that we use help sales managers identify only those salespeople who will succeed in the specific role for which they are being recruited, interviewed and selected. Backed by science and predictive validity, OMG's highly accurate and customizable assessments reliably and consistently help sales leaders build winning sales teams.

sales dna

Using the Science of Salesperson selection, our sales candidate assessment will tell you if your sales candidate:

  1. Is a hunter
  2. Takes a consultative approach
  3. Is able to build strong relationships
  4. Follows a consistent and effective sales process
  5. Can comfortably discuss money with a prospect
  6. Is able to recover from rejection quickly
  7. Lines up with your job profile and requirements
  8. Has the desire and commitment to be successful in selling
  9. Is recommended for hire

Sales Candidate Assessment Samples available:

  • Sales Candidate (Recommended)
  • Sales Candidate (Not Recommended)
  • Sales Manager Candidate