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We partner with the #1 resource for sales force performance evaluations. Over 11,000 companies from around the globe rely on these evaluations for bench marking to identify skills and weaknesses of their current sales team and areas to grow revenues.

OMG sales force performance evaluations can be used to identify areas for improvement in your existing sales team.  This assessment is built for sales, not adapted.  As a result, the findings are sales specific, accurate and predictive.

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We can show you:
1. If your salespeople are capable of executing your growth strategies 2. How comfortable they are with your model for going to market
3. Explain why sales opportunities are lost or stalled

Sales Evaluation Samples available:

  • Salesperson
  • Sales Manager
  • Summary Team Overview of Findings
  • Sales Evaluation & Improvement Analysis (detailed Team results)
  • For Hiring: Sales Candidate (Recommended)
  • For Hiring: Sales Candidate (Not Recommended)