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Sales Tech Webinar

Free, Live Webinar: Cultivate Profitable Customers using Sales Technology

Technology is transforming businesses and disrupting entire industries, including the world of selling. From prospecting to closing, today’s mobile, social, big data, and cloud technologies are revamping the sales process in ways that would have been inconceivable a few decades ago. As a result, leading financial services companies are embracing new technologies to drive productivity, profitability, and gain their competitive advantage in the market.

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Designed for Bank and Insurance Execs and Producers

This free virtual workshop delivered by Sales Expert Mark Trinkle and Research Industry Leader Matt Murphy, will help bank and insurance executives and producers address the tech impact on selling in three specific areas:

  1. Utilizing your CRM to gain industry insights and identify profitable customers
  2. Leveraging Social Selling to gain a competitive edge and find, attract and engage new clients
  3. Gaining video proficiency and prospecting strategies to grow pipelines
  4. Building trust and actionable insights by leveraging market research from mobile and during meetings

Matt and Mark will discuss how to make certain your sales team is using these powerful tools to streamline the sales process as well as attract and engage today’s buyer. Those who rely on outdated sales approaches will likely become obsolete.

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