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Why is Qualifying a Prospect So #%&@ Hard?

Tony Cole's latest eBook, Why is Qualifying a Prospect So #%&@ Hard?, focuses on the specifics of why qualifying a prospect is so difficult and offers advice to ensure that the time you spend developing sales is actually constructive time. Tony supplies you with techniques and strategies to weed out the tire-kickers and those prospects that can’t or won’t buy. This information is a “must read” for every sales person and sales manager.

This eBook is packed with practical information that you can put into practice to immediately increase your sales. Information includes:

  • How to begin your initial conversation with a strong qualifying approach
  • Why you should focus on Disqualifying versus Qualifying
  • Great "drill down" qualifying questions
  • How to use the right questions to get the critical information that results in sales

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An excerpt from the Effective Selling System Curriculum and part of the Business Courage Series™. Available in PDF format