You Will Learn

  • The difference between sales people who might sell vs. those who will sell

  • How to spot a sales rain maker within the first 10 minutes of the interview

  • Whether your current sales people have what it takes to grow your company

  • Specific steps to take to hire your next Sales Superstar

How to Find, Attract & Recruit an All-Star Sales Team

Have you ever thought you hired THE Sales Superstar? And then after you onboarded them, their pipeline was anemic, they did not bring in new prospects, and they did not reach their sales goals.Disappointing sales activity and performance all around.

The question is this: Were they like that when you  hired them or did you and your organization make them that way? This is a tough question for sales leaders.


Here is a no-nonsense practical set of resources for building a highly productive, sales-driven team that will consistently out-perform their competitors.

In this kit, you will receive:

  • The Hiring Better Sales People whitepaper
  • The 5-Minute Interview Guide
  • The Cost of Hiring Mistakes Calculator
  • The Free Pre-Hire Screen
  • Hire Your Next Sales Superstar Webinar

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