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Sales Management - Recruiting is just 1/5 of the Job

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There are several things that an effective sales manager must do day in and day out to be successful. In our Sales Management Certification program we’ve identified and certify a sales manager ready to perform by covering 5 critical functions:

  1. Recruiting
  2. Performance Management
  3. Motivation
  4. Upgrading the Sales Team
  5. Coaching

Specifically with recruiting the right talent selecting the right person is just ½ of the job of recruiting. Kind of like club selection in golf.


In July I started to play golf. I joined a local club – Bel-Wood and have played enough times (20 rounds) to establish a handicap. My golfing partners would describe my handicap in golf as something other than a number but that is for another time. My handicap is quite high and I know the solution. Buy a new set of clubs. I did that and discovered that more is needed. So this week I will begin lessons.

Last week I played a round and I managed to par the first hole. Not something I have been able to achieve yet this year. I was thinking, finally! I normally hit a 3 wood or a rescue club off of the tee because I just cannot hit a driver with any consistency. I hit the ball to the right into another fairway. I had a tough shot to make next – under a tree limb, over the next set of trees. I hit the rescue club and landed safely on the fairway about 120 yards from the green. I selected my pitching wedge; hit it to the green and two putted for par. I knew I was going to have a great round.

On the 3rd hole once again I selected my rescue club to hit off of the tee (When I hit this club well I hit it between 210-220 yards). I swung and watch my ball safely land – in the water to the right. My point here is the club selection, just like talent selection is just part of the job.

The job in selecting the right people actually starts with the profile you establish. Much like getting fitted for the right set of clubs based on your swing. Once again my golf partners had a suggestion for this – try tennis. You have to know what the right fit is for your organization and the job required and then you find the people that ‘fit’. Once you find the ones that could possibly fit then the selection process begins. But that alone will not bring you, guarantee you success. You must now execute!

In this case execute means on-boarding them and coaching them effectively. Failure to do will result in another quality hire ending up safely out of your company.

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