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How to Hire Advisors Who Will Sell More teaches you how to find, qualify and hire the best people for your critical selling-oriented positions.  Download your copy now! It's Free!

Hire Better Salespeople will help you find and hire those who:

  • Have the Will to Sell - proven desire, commitment, strong outlook and ability to take responsibility for their sales results
  • Meet the specific criteria/profile of the company as well as have the appropriate "Sales DNA"
  • Have the compentency skills of Hunter, Consultative Seller or Farmer for the job
  • Have the ability to be trained and coached

Hire Better Salespeople brings a thoroughly detailed, different and effective approach to hiring salespeople who can and will sell. Contact Alex on the form to the right for a free demo on how we can help your organization hire better salespeople.


Alex Cole-Murphy, Recruiting Specialist

Now, consider this - If there was a way to eliminate 92% of hiring mistakes, would you do it? During a recent webinar, there was a resounding 'YES!' from 100% of our participants. We have a solution. 


For 25 years, we have been studying the science behind the "perfect hire". We have become experts in this field of identifying the sales characteristics present in highly successful salespeople. We partner closely with Objective Management Group primarily for their highly predictive sales assessment.  The assessment gauges sales specific characteristics of candidates and focuses on 3 major areas: the Will to Sell, Sales DNA and Selling Competencies.

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