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18 Years, Waking Up & Toby Keith

Posted by Tony Cole on Fri, Sep 09, 2016


18 years ago this morning... I didn't wake up. 

I didn't wake up... because I never went to sleep. 

I didn't go to sleep... because my wife and I were up all night with our son, Anthony, at Cincinnati's Children's Hospital. Our son had suffered a cardiac arrest and subsequent traumatic anoxic brain injury.

This morning, I woke up... thinking about how, 18 years after the event, Anthony celebrated the event by singing with Toby Keith at Riverbend.

Toby was so gracious and engaging and Anthony loved every minute singing every word to Toby's song, "I Love This Bar." They brought the house down!

How did we do it? How does Anthony do it?

One day at a time.



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