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Posted by Tony Cole on Mon, Aug 04, 2008
In our world of sales training and sales development much is made of sales techniques:  Opening statements, value proposition, closing techniques, open ended questions etc.  And I'm sure that if you've attended training you had all you can handle concerning the 10 best ways to close more deals more easily.  Or the 5 best ways to see the unseeable prospect.  And yet after all of that training little has changed in your results.  Oh sure you've made some incremental changes but is that what you are really after. Aren't you trying to get to a point where you can describe your sales practice as extra-ordinary?  Certainly anyone that has been in selling long enough wants more that average and wants more than incremental improvement when investing time and money in 'training' or development'. To quote one of our sales development experts, Mark Trinkle, "To what extent do you think that maybe the training you've gone to is the problem?"

How much time have the training programs spent on the root causes of an ineffective selling system?  How much time have they spent on discussing the importance of understanding the impact of 'need for approval' or a 'non-supportive buy cycle"?  You see until you get to the root cause of a problem all you can do is treat the symptom.  All you can do is run faster to get more results.

 Try finding out what the root problem is and treat that as an infection. Get rid of the problem - get better sales results.

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