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Behind in Sales Goal? Remember 4 Sales Practice Steps

Posted by Tony Cole on Sun, Sep 28, 2008

It's been a while since I used a sports analogy and in the middle of college football I had to write a post sooner or later and about sports and sales.  This particular post is about what to do when you are behind in the sales game and time is running out.  Here you go.  These 4 sales practice steps will get you back in the game and get you ahead in the next game.

  1. Stick to the fundamentals.  The fundamentals are what drive consistent sales results. The fundamentals are what you can count on to get back on track.  Prospect, qualify, communicate next steps, present great and unique solutions, ask for the business.
  2. Work hard.  My dad was a foreman on a blueberry farm.  His motto was:  When all else fails hard work works.  Worked on the farm. Works in selling.
  3. Prioritize.  This is critical all the time in selling.  What we teach in our sales training classes is the following:  "Go to Activity".  When you are behind it becomes even more important to focus on those go to activities that create and close sales. 
  4. As you work to get ahead of the game you will be tempted to take on any prospect you can find.  don't do it.  Stick to your ideal prospect.

There you go.  Stick to fundametnals, work hard, prioritize and stick with your game plan.  Keep to this game plan and two things will happen.  You will finish the year with a great flurry of results and be off to a great start next year.

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