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Why Hiring a Fractional Sales Manager Can Drive Sales Results

Posted by Jeni Wehrmeyer on Fri, Mar 01, 2024

Running a company is very different than managing a sales team, so you need someone skilled in the specific strengths of coaching and motivating your sales team. Companies have choices and often it makes sense to hunt, interview, hire and pay for a full-time sales manager, but this is a position very difficult to fill. It will take time, money, lots of effort and then onboarding to your systems, people and culture. It might make sense to consider a seasoned Fractional Sales Manager who will work closely with your company to fully understand your growth objectives, industry nuances and company culture, is experienced in your niche industry and is not on your payroll. Here are some of the areas a Fractional Sales Manager can focus on:

  • Driving Accountability – working with your leadership, they can determine the critical sales activity and behavior that must be tracked. A Fractional Sales Manager will keep your people on track weekly, uncovering the how and the why and providing sales ideas at each weekly meeting. Just this one step of establishing more accountability will help your company see an immediate lift.
  • Coaching Opportunities – acting as their dedicated sales coach, the Fractional Sales Manager will help your people prep for important opportunities so that they are ready to put themselves into a winning position. Pre-call and post-call will be part of their ongoing role to help upgrade the pipeline and develop skills. They will train your salespeople in this important sales skill preparing for a meeting so that it becomes a sales habit.
  • Improving Results – make sure to work with an organization that has a history of helping companies manage their sales teams and has a proven history of driving revenue growth. Talented Fractional Sales Managers have years of personal sales and sales management experience and draw from their experience of working with salespeople in your industry. They come with the built-in skills you need to help your team achieve goals.

Speaking of results, here are some real comments made by salespeople coached by one of our Fractional Sales Managers. There are advantages to working with a skilled coach outside of your company as they bring experience and expertise to your table. These are the kinds of results and testimonials your company should look for as they consider a Fractional Sales Manager.

Fractional Sales Manager Testimonials

  • Once I asked "What would have to go on in this meeting for you to feel like it was a good use of your time?" 5 minutes later he asked his office staff to give me all the policies to look at. It is an Oct. 15 renewal about $140,000 in premium. Thank you for your help.
  • Just wanted you to know that I just bound that client we spoke about and made $11k! AND they just sent an account to me from RT for the renewal. Hard work and the methods you have taught me are paying off!!
  • I just wanted to thank you for your time and help a couple of weeks back. I have had several conversations with prospective clients, and your approach has proven to be very effective.  I have been able to establish parameters and have started binding business with a couple of the new clients. Of course, the job is never done, and I will continue to prospect and use your approach.  
  • I have capitalized on some HOT introductions from some existing agents. It amazes me who people know in other states or other parts of this state (not competition to my clients) that they will gladly give an introduction to.  
  • It is great to have someone like yourself who cares and is willing to invest their time to help.

Hiring a Fractional Sales Manager is not forever. The goal is to enhance your organization, create effective sales strategies, systems and practices, and help your company gain momentum, setting up your sales team for future success. And a Fractional Sales Manager can make a huge impact for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time person.


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